To give you a better idea of the source this book refers to, I will provide a short explanation about the nature of the lineage I belong to and about the difference in teaching methods, compared to those of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda. To that end I will talk of Felipe Amezcua and the nagual Matias Esquivel.

Felipe Amezcua is the person who irrevocably made me join the Toltec lineage, my teacher of intent. 

Felipe is in fact a being of intent, which means that out of a personal fondness he developed a privileged relationship with the active site of infinity. To make a comparison (for those who know the books of Carlos Castaneda) I’d say he corresponds to Silvio Manuel in the lineage of the nagual Don Juan Matus.

The seer group he belongs to consists of 16 people, however in the first attention I only was in contact with six of them. With the others I only interacted in special dream positions, hence on the site and in the book I’m exclusively referring to those who took care of my perceptive and cultural re-education in the ordinary dream position (which we call reality). It’s not that I don’t want to speak about it, but it’s impossible for me to describe certain occurences or conditions within the syntax limits; this can only be done by means of a correct movement of the assemblage point and therefore certainly not on a web page.

The lineage of Felipe Amezcua goes back to times when the crushing defeat of the ancient seers by the foreign invaders took place. (not the Spanish conquistadores, but invaders from much earlier times).

A few of these ancient seer groups survived the disaster and re-organized, originating separate knowledge lines. Certain lineages were extinguished (also due to the Spanish conquest), others continue to exist until today. However, this whole story has already been told by Carlos Castaneda. What interests me here is that it is one of these lineages Carlos Castaneda came in contact with and another one I came in contact with myself. These are lineages of true Toltecs or better of true freedom hunters. All these lineages are in fact still connected, even though they explore different possibilities of infinity. In this way they are able to obtain further occasions for the human spirit, but none of them diverges from the common purpose, which is to achieve freedom.

At the start of the 19th century, an incident in the lineage which more than one and a half century later became the lineage of Felipe Amezcua, imposed a  revision of the methods used in the stage of apprenticeship. At that moment, the lineage was led by nagual Matias Esquivel, a person gifted with abilities really above-standard, even for a nagual. From what I’ve been told, he had managed to definitively eliminate even the most minimal “human” conviction; he had emptied himself to the point where he established a total and permanent connection with the terrestrial emissions. In a certain way one can say he had converted himself into a miniature copy of the planet that accommodates us.

He developed the technique of the “nagual’s blow” to its extreme consequences. Thus, he discovered that he could not just manipulate the assemblage point coincidentally, using the effect of the energy that the apprentice receives, but also direct it exactly to previously chosen areas, without any help from the inorganic beings. With the objective to have them acquire the basic knowledge for a warrior, he decided to guide the apprentices into an area of special value. It is a zone that further intensifies the capacities of non-rational understanding, as it concentrates the characteristics of the silent knowledge area. The problem is that such learning, although extremely quick and efficient while one is in the surroundings of silent knowledge, is very difficult to achieve in the same efficient way once returned to the first attention. This particularly happens when such position was reached by means of an external intervention, in this case the enterprise becomes almost impossible. It’s actually like not finding the way.

In that special case, once “returned” to the ordinary position, the apprentices were victims of a state of confusion that seemed to also compromise any progress previously acquired.
Actually, the method seemed to function quite well in the beginning, as for a certain time the predominance of the energy body, gained in the new position, gave the impression that the trainee would be able to control the acquired knowledge. This lead to a very critical situation, since the new teaching method was relentlessly pursued by nagual Matias, to its extreme limits. Suddenly there was a real collapse amongst the apprentices, one could say a counterstrike or setback: as much as they progressed, they regressed.

The whole group of the nagual needed to draw on each tiniest bit of their possibilities to regain the situation. They also had to head out and search for the disciples that got lost and even forgot about the mere existence of the nagual and his group or about the nagualism itself. Nagual Matias realized that what the apprentices were lacking was a proper connection between stalking and intent. He also noticed that, no matter the intensity with which it was used, the nagual’s blow always and in any case induced in the beings who received it a more or less pronounced tendency to indulge in non-effective and even harmful personal characteristics.

In the wake of such events nagual Matias decided to maintain his role as a guide, but to leave the actual management of the attention to the person of intent. In other words, in such a configuration, the nagual is the being who keeps the group together and orientates and supports the united intent, while the practical application of the strategy can only be the task of who enjoys the most intimate relationship with the active site of infinity. This change in organization also lead to a complete revision of the knowledge transmission method and of the final aspiration of our lineage. In effect, from that very moment on, the warriors of this lineage tried with all available means to definitively disentangle themselves from the tradition of the ancient seers, from their means and above all from the influence of the world of inorganic beings, at least from those already compromised by the methods of the ancient seers. This meant to also waive the use of power plants, the nagual’s blow and everything that forcedly induces movements of the assemblage point.

In particular, the nagual’s blow was replaced by a less “invasive” system, that requires a greater participation and therefore discipline from the apprentice. Nagual Matias was of course aware that it was still necessary to provide examples or references for the movement of the assemblage point. However, he came to the conclusion that such examples should be followed voluntarily.

Then nagual Matias discovered a possibility directly in the configuration of the earth. It was related to the so-called “places of power” or (better) “places of connection”. He realized that the earth offered the warriors the possibility to do parallel movements of the assemblage point together with her, and that the same thing could be performed with both living beings of the same and of different species. In that case it wouldn’t be a forced movement, but a choice, following the movement of the other being or the access to a certain alignment (when talking about places of connection). To access this possibility, the being that will have to follow the other’s movement must be prepared to do it (hence have reached the understanding) and stick to the specific intent. He or she must have developed the right connection between stalking and intent. As a result of this change, nagual Matias could take the apprentices back to that area of great interest connected to the silent knowledge, but could do it in a way that they were able to acquire the transition themselves. Like this they also regained the previously lost abilities and, to coin a phrase, managed to have the best of both worlds.

What my lineage is aiming to achieve is to find an alignment that is completely independent from the predatory universes: a world of free beings. As I mentioned, in order to reach this result, first of all they tried by every means to disentangle themselves as completely as possible from the methods of the ancient seers and from the influence of the inorganic beings … and they succeeded. All the efforts of Felipe Amezcua’s lineage is concentrated on obtaining this precise connection between stalking and intent, both in the ordinary and in the non-ordinary position of dreaming, both interacting with one’s equals and with any other beings. To do so, the apprentices learn to access, manage, compact and channel their own energetic resources to the point where they establish a connection with the terrestrial alignment. In reality, once this is obtained, there is no need any more for any human guidance.

The earth is an honest and infallible teacher.