Saving energy

Saving the energy is the key matter of nagualism, or rather it is the key matter of the human condition.

In reality, the “secret” is very simple and consists in the basic difference between “ordinary” persons and warriors. Ordinary persons perform any of their smallest acts (considering thoughts and sentiments to be acts too) with the aim to confirm and enforce the idea of themselves and the world. Warriors perform any of their smallest acts with the aim to safeguard the own energy.
Simple, right?

Stalking is the art that allows to control this energy saving, so it shouldn’t be underestimated. Stalking is the central activity of the modern seers, but it is essential to harmonize it through a tight relationship with intent. Furthermore, all activities connected to the practice of stalking must be based on and receive their energy from the fight against self-concentration. The contrast between our condition of continuous anxiety, the need to repeat ourselves and on the other hand the constant presence of the impersonality and extremeness of intent is the only way to assure that stalking indeed becomes an art and not another manifestation of our sense of self-importance. In that case the warriors succeed to enact the tactical behavior that is defined as “controlled folly”.

The real change in the use of the available energy originates from the comprehension of our real situation. In fact we have such a stable interpretation of the world and ourselves due to the use of real magical rituals. These rituals have the function to channel our attention, pointing it in the direction predetermined by the specific intent. Since the attention acts as a guide for the energy, this way one also obtains the energy channeling related to the stabilization of the assemblage point.

What are theses magical rituals?
They are what you do every day. They are the habits, especially the inner cycles of thought-sentiment-action. It is the fixation on insignificant details of reality. And also to consider some things important and many others not, forgetting that in any act that we perform the available energy is at stake. It is the submission to the sequence of the inner dialogue. It is to indulge in the mirror of oneself … and much more. Practically everything that makes us “human beings”, or what we think makes us so.

In the human being there is much more, we don’t do anything else but fight against our nature all our life; finally, when the moment to abandon the wonder of the world arrives, for a short moment we look around, realizing the lost opportunity.

For what actually? For absurdities without sense …