The lineage of men of knowledge to which I belong has developed a series of movements that leads to the predominance of the energy body.

The sequence is the physical and perceptual transposition of the raids made by the seers into their strategic vision of the unknown. It is an actual map, no different from the ones left in the stones and structures of the pre-columbian cities. Yet, the map generated by the sequence emanates directly from our bodies.

The movements of the sequences are not simply physical movements.

A correct execution causes a preset series of assemblage point shifts that are strategically disciplined and induced with a precise order and timing. 
These shifts produce the dislodgment of the assemblage point from its habitual position and a new positioning, predeterminated by the intent of the practice that favors the dreamer’s memory, that is the energy body.

The sequence is a discipline in itself; an activity that poduces very penetrating effects in our existence, even when it is not included in the warrior’s path. Practicing it leads to substancial changes in the conduct of one’s existence.

At the end of its execution, we tend to move toward the assemblage point position that warriors call “the place of effectiveness”. This position is contrary to the ordinary one, definde as “the place of apprehension”. 
If it is mantained, it provides access to silent knowledge; a condition in which language and linear thinking are excluded, and we become pure action and direct knowledge, operating sincronically with intent.
 This condition causes the real predominance of the energy body.

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