Along the Time Line

What I will now say about the time line is an attempt to describe something that cannot be described by means of language. The time line can only be experienced. However, these words can still serve as a guide to get the right sensations, that later might lead you to the pragmatic understanding of this aspect of the universe.
The Toltecs became aware of the existence of a very special earth line. This power line is the result of an energy aspect, as is the intent and the vibratory aspect. It actually gathers the possibility of organization, the potential configuration of the alignments (ie, the “worlds”). From a certain point of view, it can be considered a basic command of the Eagle.

The Toltecs called it time line for two main reasons.

Firstly because they discovered that from there originates the possibility of controlling the time mode, that is the fundamental result of the assemblage point’s position. It is, in fact, the position of the assemblage point that determines the time mode. From the point of view of the seers, this was a detail of primary importance. When they reached this understanding, they realized that they could precisely control the position of the assemblage point by intervening directly on the time mode.

The second reason is because our eyes are attached to this line; we are like appended to it. All beings with awareness are attached to the flow of the time line and can potentially intervene on the exact attitude of the line itself, thus “moving” along it. When you “move” along the line, you realize without a shadow of a doubt that time is not linear. What you experience is, that you can actually lodge yourself, settle down in positions that seem parallel to each other, running through this powerful flow. Each time you move along the time line, however, you don’t go backwards or forwards in time itself. It is rather the mode in which time functions that changes in a more or less marked way.

One last note. Although it is called a “line”, try to make an effort not to immagine it as a line that runs from a beginning to an end. Time is not linear, it is more like something “parallel in any possible direction.” Above all, it is unthinkable but only experienceable. It is only called “line” here because the earth has the power to organize the possible alignments in a flow that allows the connection between conscious beings.