Inorganic Beings

The world is ampler and more varied than it appears when under the lens, the filter, of our convictions. In particular, the existence of inorganic beings is one of the aspects of the world that mostly impact on the stability of the ordinary position.

In his books, Carlos Castaneda deals at length with inorganic beings and allies. Don Juan makes him interact with them in different ways. A doubt, however, remains about whether and how it is necessary to establish relations with them and their worlds.

Dealing with inorganic beings in different ways is unavoidable. They are part of the world, especially from the moment our world becomes ampler.

When we start dreaming, for instance, they show up almost at once, more or less heavily interfering with our dreaming activities. Yet, also during our incursions into states of intensified attention when we are awake, we are very likely to run into their mobile entities, what Don Juan defined as “allies.”

But what are inorganic beings?

Simply another class of beings endowed with awareness; indeed, they are not equipped with an organic body, but they are all the same alive and highly aware. They belong to other alignments, if you wish, to other “worlds,” and not in the sense of other planets. What separates us is essentially the time mode that determines the way the alignment of the emanations outside is carried out.

What kind of relationship can we establish with them? This matter cannot be exhausted in this short text; therefore, I will try to give you only a general idea about this subject.

It is possible to establish relationships, and warriors have done so and still do so in different ways, according to their own nature and interests. One must always consider that the universes in which we live are predatory, and inorganic beings make no exception; in fact, they are masters in weaving strategies aimed at predation. The latter does not always need to be that destructive; sometimes, these beings look simply for our ability to produce emotions or for other abilities of ours, and they are even willing to pay high prices to get them.

A relationship of this kind, however, always includes some form of dependency; it is antithetical to freedom. This is the reason why my lineage has tried in every way to avoid or skirt this type of relationship.

The problem mostly arises with the alignments that are closest to us. There are corresponding traits in the type of emanations and a compatibility in the time mode that make predation convenient and very accessible; or, in any case, an exchange always ends up involving high interest rates. Therefore, the relationships with the inorganic beings that inhabit these zones are very questionable and risky.

Actually, my lineage has not altogether excluded establishing relations with the inorganic beings; however, in the course of generations, it has “set up” safe paths that go past the closest alignments into worlds in which we can establish an exchange based on abstract, reciprocal interests: the search for freedom and knowledge. These alignments are so far and different that it is impossible to take over each other, and the only type of relationship left is precisely the one founded on an abstract exchange.

Reaching these worlds requires a great deal of energy and a very high degree of sobriety, in order to keep the course without allowing oneself to be derailed. That is why the relation with such alignments is only the final landing place of a lifetime of preparation.