The Toltec system of knowledge is founded on the recapitulation; warriors base their inner strength on having carried out their recapitulation correctly.
It frees and opens every gate: the gate of dreaming, of stalking, and of intent.

The recapitulation is an energetic reality that is strongly related to the active side of infinity.
The intent of the recapitulation exists as an option for freedom for all beings endowed with awareness: it is the active part of the passageway beyond the Eagle.

Within the evolutionary path of Nagualism, the practice of recapitulating is key, the pivot around which revolve the three forms of mastery (dreaming, stalking, and intent) and the true foundation on which they may be based and developed. It is the magical act par excellence, normally the first one which warriors really undertake, through which they measure themselves against their limits and overcome them.

In this book, the recapitulation is outlined on the practical level with respect to all of its aspects: from writing the list, to overcoming the energy gates, up to the special forms that allow us to connect it to the other aspects of Nagualism.

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