Welcome! I recommend that you read this text carefully before enrolling or at any rate before starting the course; it is important that you are very clear about how it works so that you can take advantage of it in the best possible way.

This video course is a true practical apprenticeship in nagualism.

It will unfold over quite a long period of time, but I could not do it otherwise, since my intent is to provide effective access to the world of the Toltecs.
Apprenticeship, the real kind, is a process of transformation that takes a lifetime. Consequently, the video course I am presenting here is intended to be just, precisely, the possibility of accessing that change.
But to lay a really solid foundation, it is necessary to set and then maintain the intent to proceed in the right form, that is, to devote sufficient time to it as well.

The path…

The path we are starting together is based on the Sequence for the Predominance of the Energy Body, meaning that the Sequence ( if you don’t know what the sequence is, go to this video ) will act as a framework and guide, also because the main purpose of the course is to offer you the tools to achieve the state of predominance of the energy body. However, this is not a course on the Sequence (it is that, too, but it is much more): it is a nagualistic path.

The output of the units will be monthly, for a total of 53 units.

We will therefore have plenty of time and space to go sufficiently in depth into all the main topics of nagualism, while also being able to implement with due care and patience the practical aspects of what we will be doing.

In fact, I would like to point out that this is essentially a practical course; in short, similarly to what I did with The Threshold of Energy, my goal is to make what Carlos Castaneda talks about in his books accessible to you.

And I think that doing it through this medium can even provide a more immediate access than the books I’ve written; or at least it’s another key, another way in.

I suggest, if you have not already done so, that you read at least “The Energy Threshold” (it would be better if you had read all of Castaneda’s and also the rest of my books), for a strictly practical reason.
Already having the pragmatic contents of “The Energy Threshold” at hand will enable you to understand much better what we are going to do, to use the course completely.

If you have the complete framework, having read all the books, what I show you will be more immediately accessible to you, which is an advantage that you could not get otherwise.

Let’s get back to the structure of the course.

  • Each unit (apart from the first one, which also contains an introduction to nagualism) is divided into three parts plus a homework assignment: a first part on the sequence, a second theoretical part, and a third part of pure practice. These three parts are followed by a homework assignment.
  • Each month a new unit comes out, defined by its progressive number (Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, etc.) and a title that indicates, in broad terms, its basic practical meaning.
    For example, the first unit has this name: Unit 1 – The Foundation of Silence. The title already tells you that in the first unit we are essentially dealing with the basic ways to achieve inner silence.
  • Each unit has a series of contents, mainly videos that address the topic at hand.
    You can see the content list posted so far in the “Course Curriculum” section. Each month the Curriculum will be enriched with new contents.
  • The videos are put in the order in which they should be viewed to get a better understanding of the progression in the learning process.
    They have titles to distinguish their subject, so that you can easily find the ones you are interested in reviewing.

In the part concerning the Sequence, I will show you and explain in detail one movement of the Sequence itself at the beginning of each unit. I will also provide a preparatory exercise for the movement and other “accessory” techniques that may relate to “the right way to move,” or aspects of the practices (e.g., gazing) closely related to the Sequence.

In the theoretical part I lay out the basics, the pragmatic principles, that I think are important to know in order to deal with the practical part and the homework assignment.

The practical part contains the core of the apprenticeship, that is, all the techniques, activities, strategic modes of behavior that warriors actually use to achieve their goals.
Neither of these parts is less important than the other; that is, the theoretical part is no less important than the practical part. Do not underestimate them. The theoretical part supports the practical part.
All these parts must have equal consideration.

Finally, there is the homework, which is the real path of the apprenticeship. The series of tasks forms the way forward, the precise progression; it defines the exact way and what are the safe steps to take.

We can say that this series of homework assignments is the actual path that leads to the state of predominance of the energy body.
Everything you do, which I will show you and explain in each lesson, will be used to complete this homework assignment and the movement of the sequence in the best way possible.
Basically, the path is realized, from the point of view of its practical implementation, precisely through the completion of this series of tasks, of actions that will lead us to our final goal.
Certainly, each homework assignment will take much longer than a month to be acquired, so don’t rush it.
A month, actually, is not nearly enough time to develop what I put in. Therefore, it is really useless, indeed counterproductive, to become obsessed about being able to keep up. It creates more confusion than usefulness.
Of course, look at the content when it comes out monthly, but proceed on your own time and as needed. Also, looking at the contents of the meetings following the one you are practicing helps you get an overview of the path. This is very useful, but, I repeat, use patience and kindness and don’t force the necessary pace, the time and pace you personally need.
With each unit we will refine the ways to succeed in conquering that new space and then move on to a further task.

So you will see units appear as I post them, and the course will be enriched with materials each month.

Access to the content will follow the progression I have decided to maintain, so each month you will have access to the content of the next unit. Access to the contents will be in the order in which they were posted, regardless of when you sign up.
That is, to give an example, you will have access to the contents of the second unit as of the second month of enrollment (30 days from the date of enrollment); to the third unit contents as of the third month of enrollment (60 days from the date of enrollment), and so on.

It is essential to follow this progression in the established order. It makes definite sense, and this is the main reason why access to the contents is on a monthly basis from the time you enroll.

Ho deciso di lasciare aperta la possibilità di mettere dei commenti e l’ho fatto con uno scopo.

As soon as possible, I think I will also use the possibility of creating an internal community for the course, partly to allow participants to exchange opinions and advice, but mostly to allow people to get to know each other and perhaps be able, over time, to actually meet and initiate broader collaborations and exchanges.

In fact, my hope is that this course does not remain an end in itself, but can generate wider circles, like a pebble thrown into the lake.

Enjoy the course!

The course is paid by monthly subscription. Each monthly fee gives access to the next month’s content.

You can pay with credit card, prepaid card, and paypal (the latter has a slightly higher cost, though).

At the end of the course, once completed, you will not have to pay again, and the entire course will forever remain available to you on the platform.

Once enrolled, you must take care to keep your account active until the end of the course by guaranteeing the payment of the monthly fee. In case of failed payment, the platform hosting the course sends four notices with a time interval between them. By also letting the last warning expire, however, your account gets suspended and you can no longer access the contents until you reactivate it. This can happen due to problems related to the credit or debit card; but reactivating the account is simple: just log back in with your account and redo the enrollment, i.e., the purchase of the unit that was left on hold.
At that point you can pick up where you left off.