The Availability of Intent

So, let’s face the question of intent.

I admit it is not an easy one, yet, being central to all that warriors do and confront, it is inevitable. Let me start by saying that it is impossible to speak of intent, that is, it is impossible to give a definition or otherwise determine its substance by means of words. The reason is simple: intent is pure action, it only conceives conscious action, it is not directly connected with thoughts or language. So, there is nothing else for it but to encircle it, offering different angles and rely on the fact that one of those might induce a special perception in you. In that case you must not try to understand, but let a sensation, a physical intuition reach you. This is precisely where the close relationship between stalking and intent comes in. Stalking is based on comprehension, a comprehension of the same kind like the comprehension of what is intent. This kind of lucidity renders it possible that comprehension, typical of stalking, becomes action by collaborating with intent.

Before getting to the heart, let’s do a bit of history, which can always be useful. During their activities of perception manipulation, the ancient seers detected the existence of a force that affects the state of reality, a force that acts on the whole, “making the world.” They learned to relate to this force, and “use it.”
They related to it with their systems and their attention mode, hence in an extremely intricate way and concentrating the possibilities that derived from it on their personal image. They called this possibility “power”, a name perfectly in line with their way of achieving knowledge, and converted their knowledge into power. This had harmful consequences for them but, basically, everything arose from an error of assessment, regarding the nature of what they had entered into a relationship with.

Subsequent cycles of warriors, who had radically changed their form of approach to knowledge, were able to analyze the essence of this force much more dispassionately and lucidly. They realized that they were relating to an energy aspect, able to act upon energy itself and organize its flows. “They called it “active side of infinity” or “intent of infinity”.

They saw that all configurations of any energetic alignment, up to the smallest detail, are subject to such a force, namely that the intent of infinity “makes the world” (or worlds), and that it activates, moves it through real “commands.” Basically everything is subject to the commands of the active side of infinity, even myself while writing, or you while reading. This energy aspect sustains the reality, the place where you are right now, for example. It sustains the continuity of the alignment.
When energy fields organize in an alignment (that is, in a universe), the alignment itself generates an energy quality that is, precisely, the intent of infinity.

The active side of infinity is impersonal, not subject to any influence. You can not ask for favors for yourself or for others. In short, the gaze of infinity moves equally and inflexible over all that exists, be it human, animal, plant or other. All living beings possess an energy channel, a power center, which connects them to the active side of infinity. In humans, it is physically situated in the navel area, and is called “will” by the Toltecs. It has nothing to do with the will as we commonly understand it. It only bears this name because it is a channel for the intent of infinity, through which we receive the commands that turn into intention and action. The warriors, however, found that this channel works both ways: to receive or to send, as long as we make ourself available to the interaction with infinity itself. When we get in sync with the active side of infinity, it becomes “intent”, and that’s the indescribable part of the whole thing. I could tell you that you are acting with the world or that you are in the exact time of infinity, but that doesn’t mean anything, as such force can only be experienced. The very moment when intent makes itself available, we are free, although we are acting at the instruction of intent itself. The Toltecs call this willingness “intending”.

Maybe now you intuit that it is not the intent to make itself available, but we ourselves. It is possible to relate to this force in every moment by being available, being pliable towards intent. However, this changes our lives forever, irrevocably. It is the fundamental reason why we continue, in each moment, to oppose and reject suggestions from intent.

Intent poses continual suggestions in front of us, just as it does with anything gifted with awareness. However, we reject it, because our intending is blocked. We are born with the ability to intend, as newborn we have “power” over ourselves and over the world. In fact, we use this ability to intend the world in which we live. But this same intending ends up becoming so coercive as to preclude any further possibility. There are various reasons why this happens; some of them we have already discussed in previous articles, others we will face later.

There are only a few streets that remain open, like dreaming (sometimes even ordinary dreams), where we remember our magical ability. It is, however, possible to regain this ability at any time; actually, you just need to decide that you want to do it.

The proper, liberating sequence is: perceive intent as a single action, expand this perception to the entire state of reality, grasp the correspondence between the actions of the world and the availability of intent (indications), connect that match with the own, personal state through an action that involves a conscious effort, and finally act in line with intent. Acting in line with intent means to do the actions while, at the same time, you are intending the active side of infinity. At that moment the will of infinity turns into “intent”.

I will now try to give you a practical exercise for starting this sequence. Use a moving element that re-organizes after an initial state of chaos. This can be, for example, a curl of smoke that rises in the still air of a room (use incense, charcoals, a cigarette), or a series of pebbles thrown in still water, producing intersecting circles, or something of the kind. In the case of smoke you will see that, after rising randomly, it will thicken in different kind of layers, according to the situation. In the case of the water circles, watch them colliding with each other and creating shapes. If you stop the internal dialogue, move to the area of the will and set it to include the event in its entirety, in its foundations, conceiving what underlies the action, the movement, you may have a clear sensation that there is something, a force, which is in fact forcing the matter to that specific behavior. It is not the force of gravity or some air movements. They are also subject to intent, they are an effect. Try to go beyond, go further, using the area of the will as your perception center, thus including every attention aspect. If you succeed, even for a moment, seize that perception and expand it, spreading, extending it to the whole environment you are in. Then, while remaining in sync with intent, perform an (even interior) action, that requires a conscious effort, something that breaks your ordinariness, your internal-external habit cycles. Something to stop yourself, in order to stop the world.

I would say that, at this point, you’ve already made a good step forward.