Predominance of the Energy Body

The video below shows the sequence for the predominance of the energy body.

This series of movements has been developed, over the course of generations of warriors, by the lineage of men of knowledge to which I belong. If carried out while following the right flow of the time mode, it allows us to obtain the predominance of the energy body.

The sequence derives from the direct contemplation of the “rule”, that is, from the entirety of the Eagle’s command. However, for the part regarding the human being, it especially derives from the areas related to the warriors’ activities. It is the physical and perceptual transposition of the explorations that the seers did (and still do) within the strategic vision of the unknown. In this sense, it is also a real map, not unlike those left in the stones and structures of the pre-Columbian cities. Yet, the map generated from the sequence radiates directly from our bodies.

Since the rule is infinite, the sequence is potentially too; it is constantly being expanded and updated. Variants with very precise and specific purposes can be detached from every single movement. It is the task of each warrior generation to contribute to this constant evolution.

There is a central core of movements that summarizes the basic commands. These allow, in fact, to obtain the predominance of the energy body. It is a long and complex sequence, whose aim is to link the different arts of the warriors. These movements are not only physical. The proper execution is actually obtained when we make the body movements coincide with a series of controlled, predetermined, and strategically governed shifts of the assemblage point. These, once learned, can be induced with a precise order and timing. The small movements of the assemblage point eventually cause its detachment from the usual position, and, therefore, a new shift. This is pre-determined by the intent of the practice, that encourages the memory of the dreamer, or energy body.

Actually, the best way to learn the sequence would be to first learn the movements of the assemblage point in the correct order and with the right timing, and, only after that, let them coincide with the respective sensations, which will inevitably produce those very movements. This is how the sequence was transmitted to me by my teachers.

I emphasize this point, to highlight an aspect that is essential for the execution of the sequence: if you find the right sensations, these will determine the correct movements, and not the other way around. This means, it is the sensation that serves as a guide. If you do not move accordingly, you will neither be able to find, nor to maintain the right sensation, that provokes the strategic movement of the assemblage point.

The sequence reproduces the path of the warrior step by step, just like a map. It starts with connecting to the world, seen as extended emanations. So, during execution, apprentices register in their body what the different stages of their path as warriors will be, while enjoying the alliance with the world. In this way the world establishes a privileged union with them and they can trust in its aid at times when they must make fundamental choices. For we cannot do everything alone. We must have enough humility to place confidence in this alliance with infinity, the connection between energy body and intent.

The sequence for the predominance of the energy body is, as is recapitulation, a discipline of its own. An activity that has, however, very significant impacts on our lives, even if it is not inserted in the path of the warrior. Just as with recapitulation, its effect derives from the fact that, by doing it well, you inevitably connect to the intent predefined by generations of seers, and to the parts of the rule which are included in the sequence. Especially those regarding the impulse heading toward freedom. After a good performance of the sequence, we tend to move towards a position of the assemblage point that warriors call the “place of effectiveness”, or “place of no self-pity”, or “no pity”. This position is antithetical to the ordinary one, that is defined as the “place of apprehension”. If maintained, it gives access to silent knowledge, a condition in which language and linear thinking are excluded and we become pure action and direct knowledge, operating synchronously with intent. This condition causes the real predominance of the energy body.

The sequence is an integral part of the mastery of intent. It is assumed that the world is a sensation, and we are too. Therefore, if we are able to manipulate our sensations in the right way, we can also manipulate the state of reality and our personal condition. That is “intending”. During the sequence, the warrior deploys all the different arts he has mastery of, in an exact order and with very precise correlations. The power centers are activated and connected to each other. The contemplation techniques, the art of dreaming, the interaction with the earth, reiteration, and the basic parts of stalking are blended evenly to balance their action.

Remember to follow this order: first learn the movements, to physically acquire them. Then concentrate on the right sensations, shifting the attention and intending the changes and connections. Next, learn to use your eyes, and unify the perception as in contemplation, perceiving the manipulation of the energy fibers (as in the movements for the energy threshold). At this point, you can concentrate on your breathing.
Finally, during the execution, evoke the intent for the predominance of the energy body.