The practices of interaction represent a focal point for my lineage, as they are the practical application of the parallel movement of the assemblage point. What I have learned was basically passed on to me using this possibility. More precisely, this is the safest form, and I also consider it efficient to arrive at the understanding of the existence of the assemblage point and of the possibility to move it volontarily.

To get access to such an opportunity, to the control of the parallel movement, it is necessary for the apprentice to be able to perceive and follow the state changes of other beings with extreme accuracy and discipline, or the environmental modifications connected to the variations of the energy configuration. To do so, they of course need to obtain a first movement of the assemblage point based entirely on their own forces.

So we are again at the cat that bites its tail?
No. Not this time.
I take the opportunity to give a short and very condensed description of the teaching method that Felipe and his group of seers used with me; which is what I also try to do with the persons that follow my meetings (certainly with much less ability and several limits).

As mentioned earlier, the whole first part of the apprenticeship, the more arduous one because it is apparently free of tangible progress, is focused on the effort to convince the trainee to let the assemblage point move in a prearranged direction. The teacher, apart from providing all necessary tools to allow this movement (which are of all kinds, also according to the instructor’s capacity of improvisation), must ensure that the movement happens in the correct modality, which is as the result of a combination between stalking and intent.

Once the apprentice has learned the useful type of movement and is able to repeat it at will, the more interesting part begins. The teacher must lead him or her to use this first movement as a springboard to arrive at more profound movements, which can be obtained in different ways.

Interaction means, very briefly speaking, the possibility to perform with other beings or forces parallel movements of the assemblage point, or however to adapt to non-ordinary alignments. This practice can be carried out starting both from the waking state or in dreaming, however it always needs to be chosen volontarily and consciously and you need to be able to uncouple the moment you decide to.

The basic interaction, the most powerful and which offers the best possibilities, happens with the emanations of the earth. In general you start having this interaction with the places of connection until you arrive to directly interact with the earth as a conscious being. Then, of course, there are the examples enacted by the teacher for the benefit of the apprentices. In this case the teacher enacts a movement of the assemblage point, which the apprentice, out of their state of inner silence, should be able to follow.

There is obviously the possibility to interact with any living being, as well as with pure forces (up to the intent itself or the rolling force). Certainly, all the practices regarding the inorganic beings are part of the interaction techniques, but here the advice is to to tread your weary way. The earth and the pure forces are free of personal interests, but not the inorganic friends.