The Energy Threshold

Again, I need to refer to a book by Carlos Castaneda, “The Art of Dreaming”. Not for to speak of dreaming, but just to make things more clear (at least to those who have read it and thus can make the connections).

If you remember, in that book Castaneda speaks of “dream gateways”. He speaks of them like about real obstacles, energy barriers. Each of them needed to be surpassed by means of a precise act that required discipline and energy.

The warriors of my lineage call these gateways “energy thresholds”, and maintain that they don’t regard only the dreaming, but every field of activity the warriors have. They also say that they can only be surpassed through the accumulation and combination of inner silence, energy and discipline. From personal experience I can confirm that this is actually how things stand, and I can add that beyond the energy threshold all that has been prepared before becomes immediately available.

The Toltecs have developed many systems to help the apprentice surpass those energy thresholds. In this part of the site I want to refer to what the warriors call “movements for the energy threshold” or “explore the area of possibilities”. Or, if you prefer, it is about the origin of what Castaneda later has codified as “Tensegrity” (moreover bringing to an end a great work).

My lineage also has a sequence of codified movements that can be practiced by anyone, but it is very long, complex and connected to other practices, so it is impossible for me to describe it here in an understandable and complete way. It is called “predominance of the energy body” by my lineage, and if you practice it correctly, you will understand well why. There is another reason why this sequence can not be described in this place. In reality, it is much more sophisticated, seeing that it physically reproduces all aspects of the rule in regard to the warriors, that is those aspects of the rule that lead the conscious beings to be equipped with effectiveness and efficiency. From every detail of the main sequence divert more short variations with very specific functions: from those that regard very detailed dreaming or stalking aspects to the variations that allow a parallel movement with special places of connection or the interference with those, etc. The sequence is practically infinite, and every warrior generation of my lineage (or of the ones connected to it) fulfills a part of the work, adding the variations they consider useful for the modality of time.

I’ve put the video of the sequence up on the site, although, without all the necessary information, it is impossible to obtain the right effect. So this video is for those who attends the meetings in which I explain it. However, I think it could be useful as a first impression.

Beyond the sequence, there is the possibility of carrying out a physical connection of the various gateways inside the area of the luminous egg, in order to make them more feasible. This connection happens through movements, clear sensations linked to the movements, the correct use of the eyes and of the perception. This amalgam causes small, very functional movements of the assemblage point. The movements for the energy threshold are in fact the “source” of the magical passes of any lineage.
Initially, they can be performed and tuned both in a waking and a dreaming state, however later they need to be performed in both states. Or rather, in reality it is unavoidable that the state of awareness coincides in the end. With this system one obtains personal magical passes, which each warrior investigates, tunes and uses for his or her purposes, that regard his relationship with intent.

In the book I describe how to obtain the sensation that allows activating the search of the energy threshold, but also in this case it would be the best thing if the whole thing is demonstrated directly. It’s not that I don’t want to pass on that knowledge, the issue is that this is one of those (numerous) cases in which words are subject to insuperable limits.

What one does in such cases is to explain the procedure to the body of the apprentice; one demonstrates the sensation to be sought through a parallel movement. Then the body acts … there is no other way, as far as I know.