Stalking oneself

Stalking oneself impeccably succeeds when enacted by the own energy body. It can not be done by thinking, but must arise from a constant and coherent usage of new assemblage point angles.
The “angles” of the assemblage point are no actual movements (like those that can align a new world). We continually experience them, calling them states of mind, but nobody ever told us a couple of things: that those angles are actually guides for the energy in the ordinary position of the assemblage point and that we can choose their nature, intensity, quality.
If we consider the angels as energy guides in the ordinary assemblage point position, it is self-evident that the ability to discipline them within a strategic vision leads to the ability to make energy available and use it for non-ordinary purposes.
Warriors use a series of angles they call the „principles or fundaments of stalking“. The coherent blend of these fundaments leads to controlled folly (obviously in opposition to the ordinary, not controlled one) and to the application of a strategy that harmonizes with intent.

The outcome of applying the fundaments of stalking, which is the controlled folly, can not be thought. And yet it is not outside of our control; a warrior is fully aware of what he is doing in the field of controlled folly, he has a precise strategic vision. Nevertheless, for him it is pure action, even though it contains elements relating to absolute rationality, which coincide with the place of no pity (or place of effectiveness). This is possible because stalking, in its more modern meaning, unavoidably and completely harmonizes with the active side of infinity.

Therefore, it is an exemplary case in which action doesn’t correspond to language, but to intent itself. The act of Stalking oneself is carried out as pure action and in full harmony with intent. In fact controlled folly is, first of all, the only way to self-relate in a state of intense awareness and stalking oneself only becomes a real act when one is fully aware of its necessity. That is when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can not even waste a crumb of energy or a single moment of our available existence.

All the rest is hot air; empty movements in the context of the inner dialogue.

There is a basic maneuver that distinguishes a hunter. First of all he contemplates and “sees” the structure of social relations. In accordance with intent and relying on the fundaments of stalking he overlays his strategy with this vision, obtaining a clear line of action. He does so by performing this special maneuver that forms the very heart of stalking: warriors apply their state of control and abandon to let the energy involved in social contexts to be set free, then they stop themselves and utilize the boost produced by this freed energy to let the assemblage point be hit and lead in a completely new direction, free from fear. Thus, hunters use stalking to manipulate the assemblage point in a very controlled and safe way.