The vibratory energy aspect

Observing energy directly, the Toltecs became aware of the existence of an energy aspect that is vital for all conscious beings. They called it the vibratory aspect of the energy, for the mode it appears to the energetic perception.

Soon they realized that the cohesion of every conscious being as a whole of energy fibres is guaranteed by the vibratory aspect. It provides unity and coherence, thanks to its vibratory quality that enables the totality of the individual fields to act unanimously, like a kind of glue. This energy aspect not only literally holds together the living beings, but it also gives them life. It is the actual life force.

For this reason, seers were particularly interested in the vibratory energy aspect. Since the year one they tried to figure out its characteristics and find ways to foster and increment it. They saw that, when the vibratory aspect is lacking, the being as a conglomerate of energy fields is no longer able to counteract the rolling force (a direct emanation of the dark sea of awareness, that relentlessly strikes the living beings) and stay compact. The rolling force then manages to break up the unity of energy fields and the being dies, losing its unity.

They also realized that the more the vibratory aspect is active, the more the existence is fulfilled, follows a clear direction, is connected to infinity.
Hence, they searched for systems to center themselves on this energy aspect as much as possible and make it effective, as well as for ways to transmit that knowledge. They saw that there is a connection between the human beings as a conglomerate of energy fields and some areas of the physical body, that can be stimulated to activate the various energy aspects.

In particular, regarding the vibratory aspect, they discovered an area of the physical body, capable of generating the right sensation. By stimulating it, it is possible to increase that part of the energy. The area corresponds to the area around the tip of the breastbone, or just below or above, up to the body of the sternum. The available energy is recanalized thanks to this center, as the necessary discipline to do so comes from there. This is the key to the whole Nagualism in its modern sense, and, essentially, to the human nature too.

However, there is a shocking discovery, that all warriors have to make sooner or later: this energy aspect is not just there to passively keep everything together, it can be lit up and guided to be used in a conscious way.

In any case, the activation of the vibratory aspect has profound consequences on our lives, be it as warriors or as ordinary people. The maximum benefit is, of course, drawn by those beings who combine such activation with the application of the warrior’s principles. In ordinary people, the ignition of the vibratory aspect generally causes a total change in their lives. It can manifest as a sudden mystical “call”, usually being overwhelmed with love for the world, but also in more tangible forms, like the development of a special clarity. This will involve every aspect of their existence, giving them a false sense of power, but still allowing them to always be at the right place at the right time and to achieve practical results with a seemingly magical ease.

Of all discoveries made by the warriors, this is perhaps the most important, one that generates all the rest. This alone would be enough to lead the warrior beyond any threshold, but getting there is not as immediate. Or better, getting there is relatively simple, while sustaining the scope of this opportunity is only for impeccable warriors and, consequently, requires a proper preparation, the same that is necessary to live free from the suggestor.

Achieving the ability to orderly manage the vibratory energy aspect is literally vital. First of all, as I said, this energy attribute represents the actual life force from all points of view. I mean that, by increasing and concentrating this attribute, you do not just obtain a higher strength and vitality, but also the refining of your life force. In practice, it improves the quality. It is what the warriors call “sobriety”, and it derives from a clear vision of the direction of their existence, purged of any unnecessary interference and tinsel.

As always, as regards the warriors, it is not so much about reaching a goal, but to have energy, sobriety, and the aim to sustain it once it has been reached.
To be alive requires an ongoing personal effort that increases the state of awareness, and the best way, the only one to do it, is to support the source of our life force.

Activating the center for the vibratory aspect means to have clarity about the direction of our existence. It is what Don Juan called “the path that has a heart”. As long as the vibratory aspect is active, and is so in a conscious and voluntary way, we are one with our existence. You know when you’re heading toward this direction, because the center for the vibratory aspect generates a sense of irony and the ability to laugh at oneself in total abandonment.

Consciously supporting the center for the vibratory energy aspect leads directly to the energy body and this, in turn, unfailingly leads us to achieve any goal that is part of the totality of ourselves. It also leads directly to the third attention. The fire from within happens, in its proper form, only in the moment when the assemblage point coincides exactly with the core of the vibratory center.

But, of greater interest to the warriors is the fact that the vitality of the vibratory center is closely related to our connection to the earth as a conscious being. It is through this that the earth leads us.

In practice, there are ways to turn on the vibratory energy aspect. There are methods and practices both physical and regarding the use of the perception and of the states of consciousness. These systems are, however, only practical tricks, to lead the apprentice to the awareness of this energy aspect, and to the ability to interact with it voluntarily. At that point, what makes the difference is the warrior’s intent. With his (or her) new intentionality, warriors begin to select their own feelings, by choosing those connected with intent, refining and canalizing them in the center for the vibratory aspect. Then warriors can use the feelings as vectors for the infinite.

A feeling connected to the vibratory aspect and shared by all warriors is their unwavering love for the earth: it is an infallible vector for the infinite.