The Energy Body

If you have read Castaneda, you have surely got an idea of what the Toltecs mean with “energy body”. However, even in this case, a clarification is useful, at least in order to have further elements at your command.

Felipe told me that in fact all that exists is the energy body, and everything that concerns us, everything we are, the way we see the world and the real decisions we take are nothing else than a result of its ability to intend. He also claimed that the most direct means we have to get aware of this is to practice dreaming the way the Toltecs understood it.

Over time and through direct experience I realized how right he was.

My lineage also defines the energy body as “the dreamer”, which means that we are “the dreamt”, and that we live in a world produced by the capability of the energy body to intend.

Indubitably you know, having read Castaneda’s books, about the possibility to produce, through the discipline of dreaming, a dream double of ourselves. Nevertheless, one thing might not be completely clear: we ourselves are already a dream double produced by our energy body, which has developed it to act in and relate to the current alignment, that is with the world we know.

What happens when one manages to develop the so-called double (which, logically speaking, at this point would be a … triple) is that the energy body produces another alternative body related to a different alignment and equipped with the capacity to organize the available emanations differently, according to the necessities of the new world.

However, the warrior’s main aim is to obtain the predominance of the energy body. This means that the modern warriors are not interested in reproducing themselves in an infinite series to correspond to every world they peep into. They aspire to arrive to the source, to make sure that the energy body remembers itself, “wakes up”, so to speak, but wakes up in a completely special way.

Instead of continuing to employ alternative bodies, the energy body could remember its own totality and gain control of it. In so doing it could align any world in a coherent and homogeneous way, remaining in continuous connection with intent.