Before getting to the heart of the matter it is necessary to clarify one thing: All the following regarding the nature of the universe must not be taken neither as the only “truth” nor as an act of faith. I am aware that the principles exposed by Don Juan are often conceived like the revelations of the Bible. However, one must realize that the Toltecs are not seeking the absolute truth, but the perception of the surrounding reality in its most possible profound, precise and effective way. Their approach to knowledge is extremely pragmatic, also as an effect of their struggle against the sense of individual importance.

Basically the warriors know exactly that the last truth is not within our reach; our nature as perceivers inherently implies a process of interpretation. So, however exact our description of the world may be, it will always be just a description. The nature of the world and of ourselves remains an unfathomable mystery and the only thing we can do is to tune into it as harmoniously as possible; we can only shape our life to be an artwork instead of a coincidence.

And now we can get to the point …

The Toltecs made some devastating discoveries regarding the nature of the world we are living in, as well as our own nature. I say devastating because they didn’t arrive at these discoveries by deduction, by using tools, but by being direct witnesses and excluding the control of the linear mind.

The first and basic fact they witnessed was that the universe we are living in is composed of an infinity of organized energy fields. This is the real nature of the world. What we perceive is mere interpretation, the world as an aggregate of material objects only exists as a result of a perceiving-interpreting process, which nevertheless can be interrupted. The energy fields (also called emanations) are organized in great bands of emanations which each correspond to a universe. The organization of the energy fields is called alignment, because this is how it appears in the energetic view. Accordingly, a universe, a complete world, exists as a result of the coherent alignment of the energy fields.

The Toltec seers, observing the energy flow, noticed another basic matter: the existence of a force that in fact acted on the alignment, determining its exact organization and functioning. They saw that this force was an energy aspect, capable to influence energy itself, and called this energy aspect the will of infinity or the active side of infinity or intent.

They also realized that the intent has an effect on everything that exists, including human beings, and that it acts through irrevocable commands which are impossible to avoid. In fact the intent is creating the world, and it does it in a completely impersonal way.

As mentioned before, the limits imposed by our condition as perceivers presupposes that we always interpret the final nature of reality. However, there is a way that allows us to receive the “direct reflection” of the energy as an action. This extremely refined form of perception was achieved by the new seers the very moment when they understood the character of infinity, of the active side of infinity. Once an efficient relationship was established with this aspect of the energy by re-channeling themselves until they coincided with intent, they could evaluate their seeing in a completely impersonal way.

They then realized that the energy fibers are made of time, and from that instant on a further revision of the state of knowledge started. What we define as “positions of the assemblage point” could more precisely be described as “modalities of time”. In other words, every position of the assemblage point is characterized by a different modality of time, which doesn’t flow like it seems to us, but extends into infinite parallel positions, each of them being a world in its own.

The Toltecs became aware of the existence of a very particular earth line. In fact this line sustains the time modalities related to the terrestrial configuration, hence all the human ones too. The warriors learn to use this line in order to voluntarily modify their own time modality.