Toltec Shamanism in the everyday practice

This site represents a map that reproduces the Toltec way of acting, their approach to knowledge. It is designed for people already familiar with the nagualism through Carlos Castaneda, or those who know me from my book or my practical workshops. The basic concepts are however summarized in a way to facilitate the understanding of the system for a wider public. Its purpose is to offer clarification and specific practical advice, but of course it can’t replace the actual experience.

Its content is based on my personal experience in Mexico, hence it is a first hand testimony.  The site name is “intent” or “toltec shamanism”, but the title, as one can see, is “the predominance of the energy body”. The reason for this is that there is a close relationship between the two things. The predominance of the energy body is what the warriors of infinity are actually looking for, but in order to fully obtain it, they need to build up a special relationship with intent – also because it is in fact the energy body that can access intent.

In various places of the website, you will find basic information to help you orientate yourself on the warrior’s path. It contains three main sections. In the first I offer an overview on the lineage of Felipe Amezcua, which is the warrior group that took care of my cultural and perceptive re-education. In the second I focus on the principles and practical aspects of nagualism. This section is divided into three main areas which correspond to the warrior’s areas of action: the mastery of awareness, the art of stalking, and the mastery of intent. In addition you’ll find two more parts: one (ancient and modern seers) provides a picture of the observations of the seers regarding the nature of universe, the other (the warrior’s path) tries to clarify the essence of the “path that has a heart”.

To go deeper, go to the page “The book: La soglia dell’energia” (“The energy threshold”), where you’ll find information on the book with the same title (for now only available in Italian). It describes detailed techniques to access the knowledge system of the Toltecs. Or click on “practical activities” to see the schedules for practical seminars and book presentations.