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The Assemblage Point

The matter concerning the assemblage point is very well illustrated in Castaneda’s books through Don Juan’s explanations. Therefore, I will just add a few details and provide connections that, I hope, may further clarify this subject. To seers, living beings appear as aggregations of energy fields kept together by a force, an aspect of the […]

Inorganic Beings

The world is ampler and more varied than it appears when under the lens, the filter, of our convictions. In particular, the existence of inorganic beings is one of the aspects of the world that mostly impact on the stability of the ordinary position. In his books, Carlos Castaneda deals at length with inorganic beings […]

The Energy Body

If you have read Castaneda, you have surely got an idea of what the Toltecs mean with “energy body”. However, even in this case, a clarification is useful, at least in order to have further elements at your command. Felipe told me that in fact all that exists is the energy body, and everything that […]